A new direction for my site


A blog, for me, has always been like a New Year’s resolution. A couple of times before, I got excited about the idea, and even wrote up a few posts. But over time, my enthusiasm fizzled.

It was hard because I felt like what I was writing about was already being said, in a much better way, by more talented web designers and developers.

A Fresh Perspective

This began to change when I came to BriteCore. Before this, I worked as a web designer for a typical online retailer. Moving from that, to a web app used by insurance companies, has presented me with a whole new set of challenges.

Most days, I work from home, and I found it’s important to stay motivated and be accountable to myself, even though I’m not in an office every day. To help with this, I wrote down a few key things I’ve learned on folded-over post it notes.

  • Don’t Settle
  • Be Original
  • Sketch!!
  • Solve Problems
  • App ≠ Web

I set these up on my desk at home and try to look at them whenever I feel like I need to push myself harder.

These notes are a constant reminder to push myself.

All web things are not the same

The last point has surprised the most about this job. Coming from my background, I thought working on BriteCore would be like working on a more traditional website. And while there are similarities, there’s important differences too.

  • People using BriteCore typically work in it most of the day.
  • They end up doing a lot of data entry.
  • There’s a variety of workflows, client setups and edge cases.

Of course, every website has sections where these things are true, like the area in Etsy where someone can manage their shop. But at BriteCore, understanding these things is central to me knowing what I need to do to create an effective design that solves our users’ problems.

My new perspective on web app design is what I want to share with you, I’m looking forward to learning even more myself as I write about what we’re doing. Who knows, maybe this will be like a New Years resolution that sticks around past February.