In my role at BriteCore, I’ve had several opportunities to present to different audiences, including presenting every year on product design at our annual users conference, BriteCon.

BriteCon 2019

While scaling our design team at BriteCore, we created a dedicated role for user research. Over the course of the year, we engaged with real people using our application in new ways, and I talk about how that’s worked, and what we’re planning on next.

Tech Talk “CSS: It’s not that complicated”

Because of my background as a web designer, I’ve learned a fair bit around best practices related to CSS. Since most of BriteCore’s developers are full stack, and haven’t worked in CSS extensively, I thought this might be a good subject for a company tech talk.

BriteCon 2018 - Design

In 2018, we had just started to scale our design team, so I outlined how this team would work with people using our application, and I described what the design process looks like.

BriteCon 2017 - Custom Quoting for a Better UX

In 2016/2017, I was deeply involved in a rewrite of our quoting process that agents go through. In the process, we found there was a large amount of demand for more customized quoting workflows for agents. I talk about some of the best practices and functionality we were able to add to the system.