About Me

Will Guldin Portrait

Although I work for a product analytics company founded near San Francisco, I love living in the country with my wonderful wife, Megan. We have a farm with cattle, sheep, and a couple dogs and cats. When we aren’t doing something outside, we love to cook together. Working for a virtual-first company has given me a great opportunity to work with brilliant people across the world, and its let us have the kind of life we want for our daughter.

Like most folks, my path to working on digital products was winding. I went to the University of Missouri to study Journalism. Working on stories, and in a newsroom, taught me some great lessons about communication, and I still consider myself a tough editor. Being introduced to copy editing also led to me learning about print design, and ultimately magazine design was the focus of my graduate degree.

Sheep on the farm
Our flock of sheep on the farm in rural Missouri.

While in school, I started to teach myself HTML & CSS, and used these skills to build out small micro sites for several journalism projects. That served as my first introduction to digital design, and the principles of user experience.

From there, I worked as a web designer for a large e-commerce retailer, and then was lucky enough to find a position as BriteCore’s first product designer. Currently, I’m a Senior Product Designer at Heap. For full details about my experience, you can check out my LinkedIn profile, or read my case studies.

As far as other interests go, the farm does keep Megan and I busy, but I also enjoy woodworking (I built a 9-ft tall bookshelf!), reading (usually non-fiction), and video games (playing mostly Starfield now).